Educational project

Educational model

We believe that Lauaxeta Ikastola’s differentiating value is precisely what we do and how we do it, over and above the educational offer itself and the services that we may provide at any given moment in response to pupils’ needs and trends in society.

Lauaxeta Ikastola’s goal is to help pupils as individuals to develop their ability to be happy and build their own futures. This involves fostering certain competencies or skills, at the same time understanding each pupil’s personal needs and idiosyncrasies, as well as the fact that their schooling lasts a long time (16 years) in which some of the variables that may have a bearing on their personal development are sometimes unclear.

The Educational Model is deployed at different levels of specification that enable it to be enshrined in everyday activities, both within the classroom and outside it. These levels of specification are defined by the school’s written programmes, which have a descending consistency with Lauaxeta Ikastola’s Educational Model, thereby enabling us to be confident that we will achieve our targets. There are several aspects to be highlighted in our model:

  • Mainstream content: this involves the content linked to a pupil’s development as an individual that we seek to nurture at all levels and in all aspects, to the extent that we consider it applicable to any sphere of life and/or professional activity:

    1. Self-expression
    2. Empathy
    3. Goal-setting
    4. Learning to learn
    5. Teamwork
  • Emotional education: we believe that a pupil’s personal development and their individual success and happiness equally depend on their emotional intelligence. Accordingly, we help them to express and understand emotions (their own and other people’s), and we pay special attention to their social skills (education for leadership, coexistence…).

  • A pupil assessment system consistent with our objectives: it is our duty to help our pupils mature, and to do so we have been implementing a structured competencies-based assessment system that is consistent with our aims, as it is essential to measure what we consider to be important, with a view to monitoring the children.

Educational model