Resources and new technologies

In Lauaxeta Ikastola, it is our intention to provide the appropriate facilities and resources, both in the classroom and in all areas of our education project, for both pupils and staff, in line with the following two goals:

  • To create "micro-worlds" in which everybody - both pupils and educators - have access to the most effective tools, thus helping them to accumulate knowledge through interaction with their peers (teamwork).

  • Using the means provided by new technology, audio-visual equipment, software, computers and information networks (Internet and Intranet), to generate educational processes based on learning through discovery, thus helping both pupils and teachers to create a product of superior quality.

  • In turn, these goals are aligned to the following objectives:

Prioritising the resources available for pupils: educational resources.

Increasing the infrastructure for complementary and extracurricular activities: sport and arts facilities.

Using new technology as part of the normal curriculum.