Study Plan

Our center has been externally evaluated on numerous occasions, according to numerous criteria and indicators related to issues such as our model of education, educational opportunities, facilities or our management system.

But in all cases, both of which have earned us recognition have been our Educational Project and our management model.

Already in 1990 we realized that we redefine our educational goals to meet the needs of our students have in the XXI century. Thus began a period of reflection around the center and from 1995-96 was finalized during a teaching model based on five major areas of training. In our center, we want our students
1. know knowledge learn
2. know and regulate their emotions
3. collaborate and work as a team
4. care and use your body in a healthy
5. and has a sole discretion to set personal goals.

These ensure educational content in the syllabus and assessment criteria for all subjects and all levels of the center. From two years until the 2nd year ESO.

Discipline. Regulation of relationships with peers

In the city center and kindergarten classrooms, following a routine by which all students, rotation takes responsibility to help regulate the coexistence in the classroom and other areas of the center.

Each week a committee of students, is responsible for observing the attitudinal climate of its kind, and if necessary help the students involved in negative incidents of "recycled". This is to perform some action to repair the human or material damage that has occurred.   

Also, and this is perhaps its most important function, once a week the people of this committee is to compliment or highlight those positive attitudes that have taken place in their group classroom, during the time they have been responsible.

With this mechanism we want the students learn to take responsibility for their own actions, and know the meaning of social norms.

The fact that all students accustomed from early childhood to assume that role of observer and facilitator living climate created by peers, allows reflection and self pampering experience the benefits of living a good atmosphere in the center.

Student results

The results of promoting pupils are around the 95% across the compulsory secondary and special data point as 100% of our students passes the tests of selectivity, but are around 95 or 96% of students enrolled.

These data indicate that in a sector in which the results are seen in the long run, more than ever to strengthen human development is the best way to address the challenges of today's society.