The Basque Language

Education in Basque means that the Centre GUARANTEES THE LINGUISTIC COMPETENCE OF ITS PUPILS IN THE BASQUE LANGUAGE, through a curriculum taught in Basque and by encouraging student participation in all related cultural activities.

The Ikastola also offers a multilingual education, meaning that our students will be able to express themselves in at least three languages (Basque, Spanish and English), and will also have some knowledge of French. To this end, the school makes efficient use of its exchange relations with other European teaching centres, and provides access to teaching materials and resources in other languages: Internet, bibliographies and other activities. Additionally, in recent years our students have been taking part in European education projects as part of Comenius - European Cooperation on School Education.

Educational levels and languages

Infant Education
(2-6 years)
Primary Education
(6-12 years)

Compulsory Secondary Education
(12-16 years)

Upper Secondary Education
(16-18 years)

SCHOOL CURRICULUM (Reinforced in the Infant Section)

Specific subject since 1st year.
Specific subject since 4 years

Physical education (English)
Subject taught in English

Optional subject for students