Learning Resources

In Early Childhood Education:

Computers in the classrooms

Outdoor Children's Park

Parque infantil exterior

Outdoor Playgroundr

aula de psicomotricidad

Psychomotor Classroom

aula de descanso

Rest rooms

aula de refuerzo de euskera

Classroom for the

 reinforcement of the

 Basque language

espacio para juegos

Gaming space


In Primary:

Study room

aula de inglés de primaria

English classrom

Music classrom

Manual skill classrom

Multimedia classrom


Cumputers in the class

In Secondary Education:

aula de informática

Computer classroom

aula de estudio

Study classroom

aula de arte

Arts classroom

Laboratories (physics, chemistry and biology)

aula de idiomas

Language classroom

taller de tecnología

Technology workshop



In Upper Secondary Education:

aula de dibujo asistido por ordenador

CAD classroom

taller de neumática-hidraúlica

Neumatic-hidraulic workshop

aula de arte

Arts classroom

laboratorio de biología

Biology laboratory


aula de estudio

Study classroom