Management System

Our Ikastola has developed a management system based on the EFQM Business Excellence model, thus enabling us to efficiently and effectively structure all our daily activities as processes, whether these relate to financial or academic management, auxiliary services etc.

Reception of "Silver Q" from the LehendakariThis system of continuous improvement has also made it possible for us to integrate all the above-mentioned processes into an organised structure without any undue problems.

As a result of our systematics in the development of our vision and deployment of our strategic plans, we have achieved different prizes and social awards regarding our Educational project, the improvement of the satisfaction of our clients and staff, being one of the most important milestones the following: The silver "Q" in the year 2001, two awards from the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science in the years 2001 and 2002, the golden "Q" in the year 2003, European Award Finalist in 2004 and 2006 and European AWARD and Prize Winner in Management by Processes in 2007.

In LAUAXETA IKASTOLA, our aim is to be of benefit to Society, economically viable and environmentally responsible. To be so, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility runs through all our processes, which are designed to manage our education project and management system.


Comprehensive deployment of the LI commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Capability and Coexistence

  • An education programme to meet the needs of 21st Century society: Emotional; learning to empathise. Physical; learning to express yourself. Social: learning to collaborate and cooperate. Mental: learning to learn. Personal Identity; learning to be critical and to set personal objectives.
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of pupils in the five areas of their development.
  • Modifications and adaptations of our educational offer to address diversity, through tutorials and back-up resources.
  • Self-regulation of coexistence and discipline in the Centre, with the active participation of pupils.
  • Education on the responsible use of leisure and free time.

Business Excellence, as per the EFQM model

  •  Involvement of our leaders with Society, through their collaboration with other organisations in the promotion of quality in management and in education.
  • Commitment with Public Administration to collaborate with the strategy for environmental sustainability: Agenda 21
  • Partnership with the Bizkaia Provincial Government to be a driver organisation for other companies in the development of a programme to promote Corporate Social Responsibility in the industrial fabric of Bizkaia..
  • Participation in forums for work and information exchange on environmental matters.
  • Accessibility Study and Action Plan.
  • Installation of solar panels to collaborate in the generation of clean energy.
  • Economic and financial control and audits.
  • Ethical commitments with suppliers.
  • CSR audits and action plans.